Erick Ruiz de Chavez

Web Developer, Minimalist

Look, ma! I'm on the Interwebs!

I started my experiences as a web developer with the bits and bytes around 2005, when Internet Explorer 6 was the King, Firefox 2 the new kid on the block, and there were neither Google Chrome nor jQuery.

I decided to change direction and focused on PHP and Adobe (now Apache) Flex after having an unpleasant experience with our young friend JavaScript. Those were beautiful times, having no cross-browser problems and learning about frameworks like if there were no tomorrow; technologies like web streaming, a bit of Java here and there, DataBases, Data Visualization, and whatever came into my sight.

As the time passed by and the web technologies evolved into a way more mature ecosystem and with Google Chrome close to take IE out of the first place, the destiny took me back into my hated JavaScript. My eyes opened wide when I discovered all the evolution it suffered, all the frameworks and libraries now available and I jumped, without hesitation, straight into it.

I like to help the dev community (mainly in Spanish, my mother tongue) whenever I have a chance, by doing couching sessions, quick examples, not-so-quick examples, web casts, etc. Some of the topics I love to help with include my current stack: AngularJS, Node.js, MongoDB, Grunt, Browserify, etc. but I am not limited to them; I believe that, if I understand it well enough, then I can help others with it.

What am I going to do tomorrow? Who knows! But when the time comes, I am sure I'll be more than ready to go!