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April 2021

Ephemeral Tweets

I have a complicated relationship with social networks 🤦‍♂️. I do like the idea of sharing and connecting, but there are times where the content in them becomes so toxic ☢️ that I prefer to stay away from them. I haven't had a Facebook account for...

February 2021

Personal Code of Conduct

I am a big fan of having, following, and enforcing a Code of Conduct (CoC) in all projects where I participate. If by any chance they do not have one, I always seek to collaborate with the project mantainers to adopt one that aligns properly with their...

December 2020

Good practices for presentations

A few days ago while I was doing some note cleanup and brainstorming for post ideas, I found a list of good practices for presentations and screen sharing I wrote some years ago and, even though we are already well into the new remote age, I decided to...

Buenas prácticas para presentaciones

Hace algunos días, mientras hacía limpieza de notas y lluvia de ideas para temas de posts me encontré una lista de buenas practicas para compartir pantalla que escribí hace algunos años y, aunque ya estamos bien entrados en la nueva era del trabajo...

July 2020

Dear new (and not so new) developers

I understand not everyone has or will have the privileges of good mentors, internet access, or even knowing how to read and understand English, but for those who have them, is that I want to share these bites of wisdom that have helped me advance my...

June 2020

Overlay text on images with PHP

Yesterday, someone ask in the #help how to create a list of diplomas using a static background image and a list of names. The problem was simple enough to be implemented in less than 30 mins, so I decided to give a try and here is what I ended up...

February 2020

Writing a Link Shortener with PHP and Airtable

What you’ll get A custom URL shortener with your own domain 🎉. What you’ll need A server with Apache and PHP. An Airtable account. Some background Over the weekend I was working on a small side project for a meetup I started attending to a few weeks...

July 2019

Automation with CLI and Node

In this article you will read about my love and experience about automation, the experiences I have had for several years with different teams, a real live case of automation, and how I solved it from manual process to a personal tool, to a sharable CLI...

September 2018

Web Workers Embebidos

Recientemente en la oficina estuve trabajando con algunos problemas de rendimiento en unos componentes con tareas pesadas para el procesador, y entre las lluvias de ideas que tuvimos para solucionar los mismos salió el tema de los Web Workers; debo de...